Friday, October 3, 2008

i'm envisioning this project having two phases. Phase 1 is having the jewelry rapid prototyped, and the phase 2 being getting those forms molded and cast in some kind of green material. Getting the forms cast out of cork would be great, not sure if that will be able to be accomplished or not. there really is not anything i have found cast out of cork on a jewelry scale, which is great if i can figure out how to make this happen, but also is sort of unhelpful because there is not really a precedent to follow. Some type of ecoresin would also be an option. if i could get things cast out of cork it seems like the aesthetic and the material the jewelry is made out of could work as a design boom product, depending on cost. Also i feel like jewelry made out of cork or ecoresin could maybe work in a setting like the charles and marie design site. that site really seems to favor clean concise design. I really like alot of items on that site.

i'm going to be adding to this post.

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BRN (Brenda Nickerson) said...

piccys plz? no, seriously, i'm really curious. what kind of jewelry can be made of cork? rings? pendants? bangles?