Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did you know that Graham Hill, the founder of treehugger is on Ponoko's advisory board? I didn't know that. Kind of interesting.

Friday, September 19, 2008

i just bought a sweet new book

This book in.tangible/scapes.s is the new addictlab designer compilation book. This volume is about "innovative technologies applications". This is a sum up of the topics the book discusses."Innovative technologies’ applications landscape is an infinite, intangible and often mysterious domain. “Artscience”, bio-art, nano-design, interactive design, experience design, alternative energy, applications on the borders of design and science emergency design and tools, eco-materials, biodegradable plastic, health & security. Science and creativity, science for all, open sources… Sustainable development needs R&D. Scientific research needs innovation and imagination: an ideal bridge to foster cross-disciplinary exchanges and spread out scientific and technologies development." Sounds cool. There are collaborations in the book with MOMA, Domus Academy, Philips, V2, Science Gallery Dublin, and Design Incubation Centre Singapore. I don't know anything about some of these organizations so I'm going to go do some research.
sometimes i get frustrated because there is so much to know and so much to do. i can't move fast enough. i'm really glad i want to keep trying.

Monday, September 15, 2008

example of laser cut cork

I have read precise detail is possible when laser cutting cork, although there is a slight charring on the edges of the cuts.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

project green design

i am making a set of cork bracelets cut out of 1/8 inch cork which I am then dyeing various colors. (pictures to come)I have researched other cork jewelry and also cork objects-bowls, chairs, stools. So far I found a few pieces of cork jewelry on Klimt02 that are interesting, although they are a different type of work than what I am making. I also liked the cork cuff from Studio 1am that was on project/object some months back. This work really is the only that has appealed to me, much of the other work i saw was not very innovative, I found that alot of people use wine corks to make jewelry in a very uninteresting way.
Below are
José Carlos Marques
Necklace: Square Root 2007

Gisela Ribeiro
Necklace: Galáxia 2007
Cork, silver, steel

Leonor Hipólito
Pendant: Transplant. Stomach 2007
Cork, polyester

Eija Mustonen
Brooch: Untitled 2007
Textile cork, silver

my brother is a dramatization actor!

my brother ben and his boyfriend ernie got parts in the reenactment of a woman's murder on some animal tv show. ernie plays one of the murderers, and my brother plays the parts of a volunteer searching for the body(the woman was dead in the desert) and then later the part of a forensics lab scientist.