Thursday, November 29, 2007

As Public Enemy #1 Flava Flav likes to say, "Don't believe the hype"

Sunday, November 4, 2007

In Isreal, ultra-Orthodox Jews are becoming a larger and more influential economic group. Due to the characteristics of those in this religious sub-group, tight knit communitites, loyalty among its members, this group has an influential presence in both politics and commerce. Service companies, such as cell phone carriers have tailored their offerings based on the needs of this specific group as have food and transportation companies. The result is a trend that clearly exemplifies the principle of the consumer leading the provider based on their needs. The provider tailors to those needs in order to make the largest profit.

"The Feminine Critique"

The article "The Feminine Critique" ran in Thursday's Times last week discussing the perceptions and expectations of women in the corporate workplace. The article focused on comparative research done in regards to the public's ideas about behavioral standards of women and men as well as expectations and perceptions associated with outward appearance. Also discussed were the differing views of what characteristics are important in a person with a leadership role in various countries. This research exposed negative perceptions about women in power, as the hierarchy of skills differed in each country, but universally women were perceived as deficient in whatever skill was viewed as most important. One of the most clear aspects of this topic seems to be the differences in how emotional responses from people in positions of leadership are viewed by others, it was shown through the research done that anger in specific was viewed as a strength when displayed by a man, and a weakness or a sign of instability when shown by a woman. Old perceptions about gender roles are still perpetuated through this type of thinking and response which probably stems in part from how a person is raised to relate to other people and how they view their own place in the world.

Check out, its the show featuring CAD designs Rod McCormick referred to at the lecture Friday night. Really helpful to see different applications of the technology,(creation of varied forms) and helpful in beginning to view the CAD program as just another tool, a way of digitally sketching that allows for resolved 3D design work.