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examples of good branding

-reliable product
-user friendly website- helps to build customer interest and trust . website is clearly and linearly designed, matches the product, straightforward solid design.
-continuing relationships with other established designers (Alexander McQueen) add to credibility of brand and product.
-Puma designs a variety of products same design aesthetic and quality is consistent.
-Detail oriented, in design and in sale. (email after order telling you you are cool and confident, who doesn't like to hear that)

-Chuck Taylor/One Star logo instantly recognizable
-Longevity of the traditional Chuck taylor style has built customer trust
-Product is reliable and consistent
-Wide variety of product choice/ diverse design within each style makes buyer want to buy numerous items, even within the same style of shoe or apparel
-100 artists/100 visions for a better world- artists seek to work with converse because of its high profile and credibility
-design your own shoe feature engages customer

-consistency of product
-cohesive and recognizable design aesthetic
-product appearance in a variety of venues
-packaging consistent with design aesthetic, additional piece for consumer, added product encouraging customer to buy again because of exceeded expectation

- consistent design aesthetic
- consistent product quality
- collection of sets, mystery, motivates customers to buy numerous items
- recognizable logo and typeface

-they are beautiful
-website is inviting, informative
-consistent design aesthetic
-components of wallet are consistent, and distinctive (size, design of compartments)

-consistent design aesthetic
-recognizable across a very wide variety of products
-clear design mission
-desire to incorporate good design into the average individual's daily life

-mystery of identity of designer creates interest
-cohesive design aesthetic, content of work
-social commentary many times including humor
-presentation consistant

-Marcel Wanders experience
-variety of products
-distinctive design qualities
-product includes story, information about design process making customers interested in product
-unexpected material choice, unexpected process of creating product

-material choice is a large part of brand, memorable within market work is placed in
-recognizable imagery
-design aesthetic is recognizable across a variety of objects
-the product is desirable in numerous venues

- easily recognizable design aesthetic/imagery
- consistency across a variety of products
- just in using website there is a sense of being in tord boontje world
- detail oriented in terms of product quality and total presentation of product


Friday, October 3, 2008

i'm envisioning this project having two phases. Phase 1 is having the jewelry rapid prototyped, and the phase 2 being getting those forms molded and cast in some kind of green material. Getting the forms cast out of cork would be great, not sure if that will be able to be accomplished or not. there really is not anything i have found cast out of cork on a jewelry scale, which is great if i can figure out how to make this happen, but also is sort of unhelpful because there is not really a precedent to follow. Some type of ecoresin would also be an option. if i could get things cast out of cork it seems like the aesthetic and the material the jewelry is made out of could work as a design boom product, depending on cost. Also i feel like jewelry made out of cork or ecoresin could maybe work in a setting like the charles and marie design site. that site really seems to favor clean concise design. I really like alot of items on that site.

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research on rapid prototyped jewelry

As a starting point I have looked at the work of Phil Carrizzi, Doug Bucci, Rebecca Strezlec, Janet Huddie, and Anthony Tammaro. Basically I am looking for the type of forms that resonate the most with me, in relation to the material that they are printed with. Meaning, I'm taking note of the scale, thickness, and amount of detail in a piece and looking at the finish or material in relation to those elements. Aspects like transparency of the material, build pattern, or finish, whether it is just sanded or polished. I talked to Janet via email about her experience and she reminded me of the importance of checking a specific material's capability for detail, which will be important with the forms I am creating. It seems like different materials have a more pronounced build pattern, although some of the work I looked at has been through sanding or other finishing process after being built.

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