Friday, October 3, 2008

research on rapid prototyped jewelry

As a starting point I have looked at the work of Phil Carrizzi, Doug Bucci, Rebecca Strezlec, Janet Huddie, and Anthony Tammaro. Basically I am looking for the type of forms that resonate the most with me, in relation to the material that they are printed with. Meaning, I'm taking note of the scale, thickness, and amount of detail in a piece and looking at the finish or material in relation to those elements. Aspects like transparency of the material, build pattern, or finish, whether it is just sanded or polished. I talked to Janet via email about her experience and she reminded me of the importance of checking a specific material's capability for detail, which will be important with the forms I am creating. It seems like different materials have a more pronounced build pattern, although some of the work I looked at has been through sanding or other finishing process after being built.

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