Friday, October 3, 2008

design and production

My original plan for the design and production product line project was to get drawings that i have already been working on laser cut out of steel to produce a jewelry line. I really like the drawings that I have worked out, but I felt a little bored with only taking them the one step further. Simply getting the forms laser cut instead of cutting them out by hand. I think that the drawings I have could be really interesting interpreted 3 dimensionally. I'm in the process of using the same shapes and modeling a jewelry line in Rhino which will then be rp'd. I'm thinking to then to make molds of the rp'd work and have pieces cast in some kind of green material. As of now I'm not sure what exactly the price point of this jewelry will be, there are too many production cost unknowns, although I do have approximations based off the known production costs of other rp'd objects.

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