Saturday, September 13, 2008

project green design

i am making a set of cork bracelets cut out of 1/8 inch cork which I am then dyeing various colors. (pictures to come)I have researched other cork jewelry and also cork objects-bowls, chairs, stools. So far I found a few pieces of cork jewelry on Klimt02 that are interesting, although they are a different type of work than what I am making. I also liked the cork cuff from Studio 1am that was on project/object some months back. This work really is the only that has appealed to me, much of the other work i saw was not very innovative, I found that alot of people use wine corks to make jewelry in a very uninteresting way.
Below are
José Carlos Marques
Necklace: Square Root 2007

Gisela Ribeiro
Necklace: Galáxia 2007
Cork, silver, steel

Leonor Hipólito
Pendant: Transplant. Stomach 2007
Cork, polyester

Eija Mustonen
Brooch: Untitled 2007
Textile cork, silver

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