Friday, September 19, 2008

i just bought a sweet new book

This book in.tangible/scapes.s is the new addictlab designer compilation book. This volume is about "innovative technologies applications". This is a sum up of the topics the book discusses."Innovative technologies’ applications landscape is an infinite, intangible and often mysterious domain. “Artscience”, bio-art, nano-design, interactive design, experience design, alternative energy, applications on the borders of design and science emergency design and tools, eco-materials, biodegradable plastic, health & security. Science and creativity, science for all, open sources… Sustainable development needs R&D. Scientific research needs innovation and imagination: an ideal bridge to foster cross-disciplinary exchanges and spread out scientific and technologies development." Sounds cool. There are collaborations in the book with MOMA, Domus Academy, Philips, V2, Science Gallery Dublin, and Design Incubation Centre Singapore. I don't know anything about some of these organizations so I'm going to go do some research.


Jangrrrrl said...

I want it! Add to our 2008-2009 Book List- Google Doc. If you know of others add those also. Thanks.

ohsherri said...

I would love to check this out at some point! Sounds fab.