Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje is a designer from the Netherlands. Studio Tord Boontje produces a wide variety of objects in many areas of design such as packaging, interior design, furniture, jewelry, greeting cards, textiles, tableware, watches and eyewear. Boontje has worked with Droog,has done work for Swarovski along with Alexander McQueen, created pieces for Target stores, collaborated with the textile company Maharam, and has worked with Artecnica, a design group that focuses on meleding art and technology. Boontje acknowleges and utilizes new technologies in the construction of many of his objects. The use of technology is not utilized to exalt the process, but used as a means to create work that is considerate of the user's physical and aesthetic needs. Technology isn't used just because its available and can be used, its used in a way that furthers Boontje's ideas. This is can be seen in Boontje's Inflorescence collection. Like most of his work, this series of drawings is inspired by nature, this grouping of work is described on Boontje's website as "an experiment to see how the computer can be used to draw flower patterns". The patterns are randomly generated, and can then later be used to create 3-D objects using technological processes such as stereolithography.

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eliza k. mundy said...

DAMN... I wish I was Tord!