Monday, April 7, 2008

Maarten Baas

Dutch designer Maarten Baas designs creates hand made furniture using found materials, waste materials from commercial furniture production, and reconfigured materials from kit furniture like that of IKEA. Baas creates his designs starting by making small hand carved models of each piece. In 2005 Baas began collaborating with Bas den Herder, forming Baas & Den Herder studio, making it possible for Baas’ designs to be produced on a larger scale. Along with these two, 10 studio assistants contribute to the production of the designs. Baas’ collections include Hey Chair, Treasure Furniture, Flatpack Furniture, Clay Furniture, and Smoke. Three pieces of his smoke collection were later picked up and reproduced by Marcel Wanders design company MOOOI. Baas has also worked with Droog. Baas has been commissioned by hotels, restaurants, galleries and museums, various places around the world.

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