Sunday, April 20, 2008

a few Dutch designers

Core 77 listed the 10 upcoming Dutch designers to look for, among those whose work interested me the most are Yvonne Laurysen, Thjis Bakker, and Fredrik Roije.
Yvonne Laurysen works mainly with textiles, her working process relies heavily on experimentation with materials. Her Cell rugs are constructed of pressed industrial wool, creating cell-like patterns referencing her interest in science/molecules and cell stucture. Laurysen along with Erik Mantel make up LAMA, which sells Laurysen's textile works, and Mantel's furniture designs. Laurysen and Mantel also developed a new alternative material to fur, Furore. This material is porous and is described as being similiar to expanded metal. There is also information about Furore on
Thijs Bakker seems to be best known for his Concrete Chair, a chair Bakker designed in response to a self-imposed set of design constarints, the chair had to include concrete, but still be lightweight, apparently Dutch law indicates that chairs cannot weigh more than 25kg. Bakker soved the problem by using a plastic foam and then dipping it in concrete which gave him the result he wanted.
Fredrick Roije has worked for Droog, and also has his own design studio Roije. His collection of Spineless lamps is particularly interesting to me, each are unique in their form, but they are part of line. Roije produces this on a larger scale while still maintaining one of a kind features in each piece.

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