Sunday, April 20, 2008

Marti Giuxe

Marti Guixe is a Spanish designer who creates a variety of objects, including furniture, clothing, games, and objects for the home. Guixe has also had a long working relationship with the Spanish shoe company Camper, and has designed numerous stores for them. Guixe also has designed some objects with the Droog collective such as the Do Scratch lamp, the Private Chair, and the Do Frame tape. Guixe first studied Interior design and then went on the study Industrial design at Milan Polytechnic. Guixe also does a variety of food projects. Each of these projects are designed in such a way as to give the user information about what they are eating, cues to when they should eat what item and during what activity, and instructions on how to go through the process of eating. Most of Guixe's designs are in some way humorous, and seem to cut straight to the object's function, keeping the user and their needs in the forefront. Guixe seems to design objects based on the human need for the object, whether it be physical or emotional, many times paring down unecessary design elements or considerations. Many of Guixe's objects, the method in which they are designed, employ a directness that gives the user a more intimate reltionship with the object.


Gardagami said...
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What are the little plant me guys? Are they like those rubber California Raisins or Smurfs? Do they poop seeds? It is imperative that I know!!!!
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