Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I feel like the components to my project are good jumping off points for a more evolved plan. I’m happy with the information I compiled in the brochure I made. I like the idea of the necklace, or some type of symbol representing the subject I’m addressing. Having a blog is obviously a good way to disperse more information so I’m going to start updating it with more info. I’m still interested in doing mini street interviews, I think that is an interesting way of finding out information about how addiction is viewed.
One of the main issues I had in completing an effective project is time management problems, I feel like I could have gone about finishing the project in a more organized way. For the next project I need to make up smaller goals that are spaced closely together so the project keeps moving forward continuously. In the next project I need to be more aggressive in terms of getting information out, meaning blogging a lot and devising effective ways of dispersing the brochure I made, and considering other formats that this information could be presented. I feel like brainstorming sessions would also be more helpful for me if I were more organized, if I had a more thoughtful presentation of exactly what I want to say in regards to the issue obviously I would get more focused help in finding good solutions. Basically I think the issue is a valid one to address, and the information I have thus far is good, but I fell short in both the visual presentation of the ideas and in the dispersal of the info.

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