Sunday, October 14, 2007

As the democratization of technology spreads there is also an urgency felt by some government officials around the world to control the information that the citizens can access, as well as what information is put out to the rest of the world. One such example of this is the military leaders of Myanmar's shut down of interent access to their people. Due to huge democratic uprising, the junta shut down virtual access to the rest of the world, further isolating the country, and in turn have increased the amount of political propaganda, portraying it as news or fact. Even in an isolated state such Myanmar, citizens and journalists have been able to get factual information about the condition of the country and its people out to news sources through alternate means of technology. The missing component is photodocumentation of the situation, which in a journalistic setting is one of the most concrete and undeniable forms of recording information. Without record of events, specualtion about what is happening is rampant, and the countires military leaders are more or less free to enact their own agendas, attempting to extinguish the uprising against them at whatever cost they see fit.

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