Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I thought this post about changes barnes and nobles has made or is making to their website was sort of interesting, I think it addresses issues that are imortant to consider when I am figuring out the format to my next social design problem. Basically its talking about how even though barnes and noble has redesigned their site, they haven't made it any more beneficial to their customers, and they haven't made any strides as far as setting themselves apart from other online bookstores. What barnes and noble has not done is put themselves in the mindset of the customer. This reiterates to me the importance of the presentation of the information in my project, the issue i'm addressing has already been addressed in many ways from both sides, i need to think about what about the presentation my information sets it apart/engages and thus informs people. I think the issue i'm talking about has the potential to easily become preachy and could also be an uncomfortable topic based on bad personal experiences for some people, i need to figure ways for the most amount of people to see information, and also present it in a way that that will meet people where they are as far as their opinions.

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