Friday, September 21, 2007

street walking

so today i walked around downtown towson for a couple hours asking people to answer questions about alcoholism and addiction and mostly all i got was hot and sweaty (in hindsight wearing corduroy pants on an 80 degree day was a bad choice). this subject makes alot of people really uncomfortable, most people said they themselves had a problem with alcohol or drugs and felt like they couldn't answer any questions, or other people just simply did not want to answer any questions once i explained what i was doing. one guy literally ran away from me. i did have a really good conversation with a homeless guy named chuck about his experience wih alcoholism and he answered one of my questions which was cool. so sunday i'm going to try getting more people to answer some questions. in terms of the collage presentation, i was thinking of using peoples' answers to my questions in combination with images and quotes or headlines i pull from news sources, the collages are going to be sort of rauschenberg inspired.

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