Saturday, May 10, 2008


Dries Verbruggen and Claire Warrier created the Unfold Project, and is an ongoing investigation involving 3D mapping of the human body. These computer generated maps are then translated into flat planar patterns that are later fit back together like a puzzle. The research resulted in a line of jewelry which due to the way it is constructed is reflective of an individual's unique body structure. They also created a chair design that can be seen on designboom that is constructed by punching out flat cardboard pieces and then fitting them together to form an Eames-like chair.
Hans Christian Karlberg created a line of furniture I like which incorporates forms that are used in prosthetics. The tables and chairs he designs are sort of nondescript other than one or two elements added that are directly taken from prosthetics. This line is meant to bring attention to the people that require these devices, to make their illness or illness in general something that is not covered up and hidden.

Raphael Charles
vases made from 35mm film, resin and polyurethane

The ReMix series of objects are created from discarded or broken objects that are reworked into objects of with a new and sometimes probably more useful purpose. The main mission of this series is to promote a sustainable lifestyle by creatively reusing existing objects and materials. I couldn't find any pictures online at all of the work, its in one of my addict lab books, which i will let people look at anytime.

Bart Hess is a designer from the Netherlands who merges technology and fashion. His work melds form into the contours of the body, making it look as though his forms are growing outward from the body. Hess is working with Phillips design probes team to create a concept called Electronic Tattoo in which a tattoo "traverses across the landscape of the body moving and morphing with touch and gesture".


BeverlyKayeGallery said...

Your site is amazing! I love the unfold project and the photos you are posting are first rate. I'll definitely be back.....

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

i want an electronic tattoo!

Jan Baum said...

great job, Amy.
Love the body mapping stuff.

With regard to geographical places
I was thinking about places- galleries, cultural institutions, museums, and the like where work would be found. I am going to go work on my telepathic communication abilities now. Over the summer.