Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 weird/random facts (Thanks for the Tag Rebecca)

1. As a kid I threw up at some point on almost every single family vacation we took. I've seen the infirmary at disney world twice, sesame place twice, kings island once, i threw up most times we went to the beach...i don't know what was going on with that.

2. I have a not quite yet debilitating fear of accidently blowing things up.

3. I am obsessive about locking doors.

4. I've seen at least 15 broadway shows.

5. I have always thought the smell of skunk smells very similar to the smell of bananas. (too weird?)


Liz said...

It's ok, I was a puker too as a kid.

RDortzbach said...

my sister was a very neat puker. She one time threw up sitting at the kitchen table into three different glasses, she didn't spill any. I was not, I would run through the house throwing my head side to side spraying it everywhere. I don't do that anymore.